single deck blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack by Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment have developed their own version of single deck blackjack which is available on both online and mobile platforms. The game is a simple version of blackjack that uses only one deck of 52 playing cards that does not have a joker.

The exact betting limits vary from casino to casino as there is no set limit on the game specifically. The limits may range from the maximum amount being 40 to a high limit like a value of 1 000. The most common range of betting limits for Net Entertainment’s single deck blackjack is 0.10 up to 500.00.

Net Entertainment’s Single Deck Blackjack Interface

Net Entertainment’s single deck blackjack features clear and high quality graphics and a jazz style soundtrack is played in the background. The interface is convenient and user friendly with all control buttons displayed on the screen.

The buttons include a new bet button and a re-bet button which allows the same bet to be paced on the following hand automatically. The deal, hit, stand, split, double and insurance buttons are used throughout game play to fulfil their respective functions.

The hand in play is highlighted throughout the game and all bets can be viewed on the screen nearby the location of the discard pile. Important information regarding the points, winnings and outcomes is displayed on the screen and features such as sound volume and speed of play may be adjusted by using the appropriate buttons.


The Basic Single Deck Blackjack Rules

The main rules for single deck blackjack from Net Entertainment are standard and include the fact that the dealer must stand on a hard seventeen or hit on a soft seventeen. If the dealer holds an ace as the face up card, insurance may be bought. The insurance is equal to half of the initial bet amount and pays out two to one.

The player is allowed one split on the first two cards dealt as long as the cards are of the same value. An ace and a ten valued face card will not be considered a blackjack hand after a split has occurred.  A double down is allowed if the first to cards dealt equal ten or eleven points and no double is allowed after a split. Blackjack pays out three to two.

How to Play Single Deck Blackjack

Single deck blackjack is a simple game to play where the player places the bet on the single hand that is to be played and two cards are the dealt. The player’s hand is dealt face up while the dealer’s hand is dealt with only one card face up.

The player decides to either hit, stand, split or double depending on the value of the two cards and the game unfolds as per the decision.

The aim of the game is to hold a hand with a value equal to twenty one or less but then having a higher value than the dealer. If the player hits and the cards go bust or the player chooses to stand, the dealer will then evaluate his cards and whoever holds the better hand will win.